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Cooking With Pot

Why would you want to cook with weed? Well, there are a couple of reasons that come to mind:

1) Different high. Eating weed produces a different high than smoking weed does. Some describe it as "deeper" or as having more of a body sensation.

2) Sore throat. When you throat is feeling a little scratchy or flat out raw, you may not feel like smoking weed to get high.

3) Smell. If you are afraid that someone will smell pot on your breath or on your clothes, eating pot offers a valuable alternative.

4) Taste. This may be a shock to you, but some people don't enjoy the taste of weed when smoked. If you are one of these people, you can see how eating the weed in a sweet food will help to mask the taste and still get you high.

Don't expect to get high right away when eating pot in food. The high usually takes 40-60 minutes to fully "creep" up on you. Also, if you consume a lot, don't expect to do much the rest of the day. Eating pot can really burn you out.

Why Pot Butter?

Cooking with pot butter allows you the freedom to eat your weed without biting into any stems and seeds. Why would you spend so much time cooking a desert just to have it ruined by the suspended scraps of weed? By following the recipe at the bottom of this blog (Or see HERE), you will be able to create some pot butter to be used in any recipe you like. You can use the recipes I have given or create your own, but the key is to have fun.

For Best Results

For best results, don't smoke weed before eating your marijuana treats. You be will tempted to break out your best piece while waiting for the high to kick in; try to hold out. When you realize you are high (and haven't smoked herb all day) it's really cool!

Chronic vs. Stress

When cooking with marijuana it is recommended that you use a low to medium grade harvest. This may seem contrary to what you have read thus far, but good weed is simply too expensive to eat and the "high" produced by consuming quality weed is not worth the extra cost. Save your chronic for another day.




Anyway back on topic

Bud Rice Krispie Treats
4-5 tablespoons of bud butter
6 cups marshmellows
6 cups cereal

cook up the butter and melt the marshmellows.

add cereal after and put into 13/9 dish, i recommend using the BERRY rice krispies as weel as the original. Very tastey, it seems to do alittle effect, nothing like eating brownies.
Enjoy kuchos.


pynatic said...

Sounds tasty!

Caroline Amnesty said...

very tasty

Him said...

showin blog daily support and now follwoing

Anonymous said...

hahaha great recipies

justinb7714 said...

sounds good!

leanbeef said...

awwww ye, say can you post your next one on muffins? id like some sweet recipies (pun intended :P)

Nessa said...

I want to try this one, thanks.

amidoinitrite? said...

nice... urdoinitrite

but_why said...

i've used the bud butter on brownies, shit was so cash. i felt like if i was melting into the couch

grizz said...

sounds very tasty!